Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everything has a purpose

Before going any further, I want to explain the purpose for my decision to start blogging:

1. Share experiences
     My family and I have gone through some fairly unique situations/experiences. I hope to use our experiences/situations as a tool to help others.  Many times in the last several years I've found myself on Google trying to find answers/information certain situations we've been faced with.  Googling one topic will lead you to page upon page of information but I quickly realized finding personal experiences was a challenge in itself.  I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and I strongly believe that the "reason" to many of our experiences is nothing more than to help others who find themselves in similar situations. 

2. Journaling
     It seems as though there is never enough time in a day.  I love it when someone tells me that they journal, I wish I knew how they found the time in day to get out an actual piece of paper and a pen and just write down their feelings.  Though the ever changing era of mobile technology can be a pain (constant phone calls, emails, texts, notifications), it will be beneficial for me as I can blog through my phone whenever I get a couple of minutes free!
     I want to be able to convey my feelings and emotions that I can look back on one day.  Even though my son is only 2 years old, I love looking at his "baby" pictures and remembering how things were back then...what better than to be able to look back on things I've written!!
3. Stepping out of my comfort zone
     I'm more than willing to help anyone in need...as long as it's in my comfort zone!  I'm very comfortable where I am and I have a hard time changing that.  I plan to use this blog to work myself gradually out of my comfort zone by challenging myself to be a more open person when needed.

4. A way of letting it all out
     I'm a female living in a house with 2 males, 3 if you count our dog Tyger!  Therefore, I learned early on that guys aren't as concerned with hearing about our "feelings" as we hoped they would be.  In saying that, I don't mean that my husband doesn't listen to me, I just mean he doesn't listen as intently as a girlfriend would! I've learned to keep a lot of things to myself...which can be a recipe for disaster!  I hope to use this blog to express some of my feelings/options/experiences that I would typically keep to myself. 

This blog is in no way meant to show that I'm any better than anyone else or that my family is any better than anyone elses.  Please don't criticize things that I express...in the end I'm expressing them from mine and my immediate families perspective. 

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